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Isle of Wight Rifles  
This small web site is dedicated to the memory of a few men of Lake, Isle of Wight, who served in the Isle of Wight Rifles in or before WWI. As Territorials, The IW Rifles were only obliged to fight in the UK, but many volunteered for overseas service, and many did not return.

George White - 8/1631 IW Rifles - 27756 Hants Regt - killed in action, Passchendaele, 26th Sept 1917

Adolphus Roy Ballard - 8/1659 IW Rifles - killed in action, Gallipoli, 12th August 1915

Frederick Harold Shave - 8/1951 IW Rifles - 330533 Hants Regt - survived the war

Charles William Isaac White - 2506 IW Rifles - 5th Volunteer Battalion, Hants Regt - Range Instructor
Isle of Wight Rifles cap badge
IW Rifles cap badge